Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It's Not Easy to Enter Japan, You Need a VISA! | Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University (Part 5)

Assalamualaikum and hey everyone! It's me again, your (somewhat) cute and lovable author! Ahahaha....ok, I think that's enough... *sweatdrops*

Wow, it's already fifth part of my 'Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University' post. It's been a long journey....and tiring one at that.

The funds are steadily increased thanks to your prayers! I reaaaaallly grateful of your generous prayers. I promise I won't let you guys down! You know what? I will make the sequel version of this journey; the sequel starting off with my arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). What do you guys say? If agree, say "Aye!" Haha...joking...but seriously, this blog is dedicated on my school life, and this rare chance is definitely be shared to all. I will put also pictures in the upcoming sequel, so you guys better not miss it! Share with your friends and if you have questions, feel free to drop your question in the comment section below, OR you can message me in my Facebook. But please bear with me as your messages might get into my FB's filtered messages okay....?
[My Facebook name is Najatul Najwa Shafiqah Tajudin (my full name), you won't miss it as I am the only one with the name provided, trust me... the link:]

Enough promoting, let's get to the point, shall we?

So, basically, when going overseas, you need a visa. Yeah, I just know, okay, don't blame me! This is my first time going oversea! (Not including the Trang, Thailand trip last year) So, I looked up and read it many times to finally digest the requirements needed for applying visa for Japan. (Shout out thanks to my partner whom will be joining with me, Atiqah)

The requirements are as follows:
1) Passport
2) Visa Application Form (downloaded from Ministry of Affairs Japan website)
3) One photograph
4) Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) - original and copy

*Note that I already filled the Certificate of Eligibility form before my semester break

As the requirement stated, I haven't yet filled out the visa application form and I also haven't got the CoE - which will be sent to me in the early August. I repeat EARLY AUGUST. Ooookay, so apply for visa need to be KIV for a while until I got CoE.....gotcha. I had mistaken the certificate that I got before with CoE. How....silly I am....

Next one, the Visa Application Form. Just now I finished filling the form, it took me a while to (again) fully understands them (damn, why I'm like this? Snap out of it, girl!). Thanks to technology and Internet nowadays, I managed to fill out based on the example given by the U.S Embassy (Thank you! You're a lifesaver!) and wolla! It's finished! Just print 'em, paste my picture and ready to be taken to the Japanese Embassy.

That brings me to the third realization; I AM SUPPOSED TO APPLY AT THE JAPAN EMBASSY IN PENANG! *cries* Since I was born in Kedah (Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia), so my application need to be made there. Silently, I am glad I haven't go to KL's Japan Embassy, it would be embarrassing....and tired since I would drive there from Kajang. But nonetheless, I will be going to KL for other reasons - something to do with my university, IIUM, by the end of this month. Again, shout out to my partner for telling me this, or I will be constantly 'flapping' myself. Haha....

For the flight ticket, I will be buying it this Monday. Yes, I know....its expensive! But not too expensive tho, thank you, Air Asia! About RM 700+, that includes 40kg luggage. So, I round up to RM 1000 for the ticket itself. Welp, I can't dwell on it cuz, I'm going! Really going, confidently. No back-outs. Before its 50-50, now it's 100% going and I will buy the ticket.

*whispers* Pssst....You forget the exam!

Oh yeah. I haven't forgotten about it. My mom and dad constantly remind me. I need to study (catch up) for a bit since before and after Raya I was quite busy going around and around, so this weekend I will be studying and take the exam. I will post my score to you guys in the next entry.

It's 11.41 PM here in Malaysia and I need my beauty sleep. If you guys don't mind, I end my entry for today here. I will 'see' you guys in the next one, so, you better check it out, okay? See ya later!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Almost there...I can make it!!! | Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University (Part 4)

Assalamualaikum and good evening, fellow readers~

Welcome yet again to my humble blog...

It been a week since my last post, and today, is another update for my upgoing (?) programme.

Alhamdulillah....the total of collecting funds now reached a bit over 5k! A big success in just a week....even though I had to sacrifice my most emergency money that I wished that I won't use it no matter what because its....for my hajj in the future. But, since this is for my own benefits, aka studies.... *inhales deeply* I HAVE TO.... *weeping silently* Huhuhuhu~

Another percentage from it came from my scholarship. Yeeeeeessss! They give me earlier than last year. Thank you, Lembaga Biasiswa Kedah!!! Definitely gonna work in Kedah (if you know what I mean~ *wiggle eyebrows*).

Also a BIG...BIIIIIG BIG BIG BIG thank you to my dad, sacrificing his time (and money; for fuel) for me, searching back his old friends to collect funds just so I can go there. "Memeng terharu (Feeling touched)..." I LITERALLY CRIED, OKAY!

Another BIG thank you and grateful to my dad's friends for giving funds.....and I also didn't forget my family, my lovely friends; the IIUM Arts Club members, kouhais, senpais, schoolmates, teachers and lecturers and also whoever prayed for me. Thank you guys....I really appreciated it....

When the fund reached 10k (at least), then I go buy flight ticket, eventho its costly...who cares, I don't...hahahahaha....and then proceed to do visa at japan Embassy, then afterwards, change my bank card into an international one. Finally, change the MYR into JPY.... (wow, kinda nice planning..ahaha...I think?)

Well, that's all for today! Stay tuned for another content of 'Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University' in the near future...later!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

We Go Round and Round and Round and Round... | Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University (Part 3)


Heya, peeps! The part three is up!

And we go round and round in the city!!!!....which is kinda tiring to be honest...*whispers* even though I'm not the one who is driving....

Anyway, two days of going back and forth in this not-so-big city, my funds now almost reaching 2,000!!! yaaaay~ *dance a little* At least I'm working on it....

The funds mostly from my dad's group of which some I know, and some I don't...however, the most memorable one is meeting with the EXCO Kedah's Dato' Badrol Hisham. Seriously, that's the first time I'm meeting someone with the title YB in person! (not counting Siti Nurhaliza that I look from afar....)

Meeting him in his office really makes my hands shivers and I'm nervous, unable to sit well. Not to be exaggerating, but its the truth...well, you know what I mean....At first, I imagine him being a somewhat strict personality...buuuuuuut, that shatters quickly. I found out that him and my dad went waaay back before he got his YB title. Talk about everlasting friendship. Hell, even I didn't know that! He's generous enough to give (I will not mention how much, sorry...) straight off signing his cheque.... I was like "WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Now I know what I wan't to be..... *grins~*

Somehow, I feel lazy to type all the adventures this two days....ahahaha....appologies---

So, today, I'm stopping short my hands full of replying whatsapp messages and reading, ciao! See you next time!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Keep Calm...AND JUST SILENTLY CRY | Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum and good...evening? Well, here it is evening tho...

Welcome to the second part of 'Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University'!

*sigh* maaan...its long to write the title...just copy paste it...

First of all, to all Muslims:

Happy Eidul Fitr or Malaysians call Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!! (the 5th be well, its never to late to say. Unfortunately, your admin here....didn't get "duit Raya" anymore...unlike last year.... *silently weeping*

Enough of the raya thingies....this post isn't about Hari Raya, its about my progress in exchange program so far.As I said in the previous part, I would be searching for sponsors....

and guess what? I did!

...buuuuuut get turned down, sadly. Huhuhu.....well, I can't get mad to them...they're just doing their jobs...can't blame them....For now (and again), just forget those turned down applications, and just focused on the newer ones. Many of my friends prayed that I would eventually got my sponsorship to go...hopefully, I got them before the 29th this month (its due date)....or worst case scenario: I need to drop my exchange program, sadly.

I know....I know...first, I got reaaaaally excited! Now, I would drop? Why, you might ask??? I'm not rich tho....I got scholarship (which was lucky), but even with my scholarship, it isn't enough for me to survive there. The living cost between Malaysia and Japan is huuuge I tell you. It's not easy. Well, on top of that, there's hostel fees need to cover, commuting between hostel area and campus, health insurance, textbooks, so on and so forth...It's not easy to become a student, let alone a student studying overseas. I respect few of my friends that can study overseas, I really am.

Friends in one of my Whatsapp group recommended that I try the Skolafund program; a program that provides scholarship to the needy (correct me if I'm wrong...) by promoting/start campaign to raise funds. So, I took that recommendation, and currently in progress of editing my campaign before approval. This is my last resort at collecting funds.

About the Japanese test.....eeeeeeeeh, I will do it sometime before the due date. I'm stressing myself out that I can't concentrate on studying Japanese once more. Need a breather for while. My breather? *chuckling evilly* well, its anime of course....its one of the things that kept me sane and still be myself. Laughing out loud and crying my eyes out. Speaking of which, my laptop now is FULL OF GOKU BLACK WALLPAPERS!!! From the lock screen, to the profile pic account and background screen! Even the colors matched! Oh you become one of the most badass anime characters in my list...if there's Black figura, I definitely search it and buy one....just one...probably....

Ok, enough of sidelines and whatnot....that's all for me! and if you happen to ask me, feel free to ask! Don't worry, I won't bite....Until then, sayonara~!