Monday, 24 July 2017

#Update: Now undergoing Internship!

Hi there and Assalamualaikum.

First thing, hontoni sumimasendeshita! I am very,very,veeeeery sorry for not updating this blog (for the nth time, just punish me~ >.<).

Living in a non-Muslim world is hard, I salute those who stayed 4 years and beyond. Even staying 5 months is taking a bit toll on my body.

I had already finished the exchange program last January early this year. *Time flies, now it's July* And now, I'm taking industrial training as part of my graduation. (Yup, graduating! Next yearrrrr duh)

I did mention to post my experience living there...but yeah...I...forgot (please don't hurt me! uhuks) so I will, just....gonna take a while...but those who want to see my pictures there, you guys can click my Facebook profile on the right side of this blog. Or you can check out my Instagram account @najatulnajwa (personal account, need to send request) and @najwashafiqah101 (2nd account).

Those who asked me questions about exchange program before, I thank you guys sooo much! I can reply your questions as soon as I can, just not updating the blog (thanks GMail for notify me...haha)

*Psst. Maybe can send me message to update my blog, that could really be helpful, lel*

Sore ja, ja ne!