Friday, 20 January 2012

My Drawings......


huh......Friday, i'm tired.......tired of helping my friend doing her blog since she doesn't know how to...but, i can't ignore or not helping her cuz she's my friend..(more precise, my junior at my former school)...
not only that, i'm more a bit like Ichigo-helping friends in need without turning them down (no seriously, i'm like that before watching Bleach n can't get it out from my, yay 4 me.......*hit my head on my desk*...ow), what can i say???........
.........well, maybe that's it.....c u soon.......
-Kurosaki Najwa-

just 2 entertain myself....
it's funny when Shiro surprised 2 c himself with a long, wavy hair...(not 2 mention he's holding ichigo-strawberry...hehe)

Rampage......don't ask why

Urgh..Friday afternoon......after a looooong 4 days of 'learning' at Giat Mara Alor Setar now i can get a bit rest.... -_-"
while exploring the Internet and updating my Facebook account, i suddenly remembered that i haven't seen Bleach 4 a while, so i watch online...apparently it was already showing episode 356 (p/s:i'm watching it right now so i don't know anything yet...hahahaha, silly me.. ;p)
but, man Intenet is soooooooooooooooooooooooo slow that i have 2 download just 2 watch a single wonder my computer becomes so heavy considering i put A LOT OF BLEACH EPISODES AND PICTURES in it....(need 2 clean a bit....huh~)
well, i really don't know what 2 say cuz i'm not a talkative person, so as in the title said, this only the rampage of me, clearing my mind 4 a while...(i don't want 2 post it in Facebook since i created it ONLY 4 searching friends, sharing information, and important, i create a blog about myself typing random stuff and stupid posts just 2 ease my mind.....wait, how many times i said this???..........never mind..........)
-Kurosaki Najwa-

lol....all Ichigo's in a box....chibis ^.^
~Ichigo in human form
~Ichigo in Bankai form
~Ichigo after training in Dangai World
~Ichigo using Saigo no Getsuga Tenshou
~Hollow Ichigo(i decided 2 name him Shiro since his white in colour...hehe)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Teman Sejati

Seorang bijak pandai ada berpesan kepada anak lelakinya,

"Wahai anakku, sekiranya anda berasa perlu untuk bersahabat dengan seseorang, hendaklah engkau memilih orang yang sifatnya seperti yang berikut:

  • Jika engkau berbakti kepadanya, dia juga melindungi kamu,
  • Jika engkau rapatkan persahabatan dengannya, dia akan membalas balik persahabatan kamu,
  • Jika engkau memerlukan pertolongannya, dia akan membantu kamu,
  • Jika engkau menghulurkan kebaikan kepadanya, dia akan menerimanya dengan baik,
  • Jika dia mendapat sesuatu kebajikan (bantuan) daripada kamu, dia akan menghargai dan menyebut kebaikan kamu,
  • Jika dia melihat sesuatu yang tidak baik daripada kamu, dai akan menutupnya,
  • Jika engkau meminta bantuan daripadanya, dia akan mengusahakannya,
  • Jika engkau berdiam diri kerana malu untuk meminta, dia akan menanyakan kesusahan kamu,
  • Jika datang sesuatu bencana menimpa dirimu, dia akan meringankan kesusahan kamu,
  • Jika engkau berkata kepadanya, nescaya dia akan membenarkan kamu,
  • Jika engkau merancang sesuatu, nescaya dia akan membantu kamu,
  • Jika kamu berdua berselisih faham, nescaya dia lebih senang mengalah untuk menjaga kepentingan persahabatan,
  • Dia membantumu menunaikan tanggungjawab serta melarang kamu melakukan perkara buruk dan maksiat,
  • Dia mendorongmu untuk mencapai kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat."