Thursday, 11 August 2016

OH MY GAWD, WHAT THE HELL...!!!! | Road to Exchange Programme to Kansai University

Assalamualaikum and hey guys! Sorry for a short hiatus on my side... *mumbles* been doing checklists for what to bring

Aaaaanyway, sorry for the sudden title that I put. I just can't..I can't...I need to let it out...

The package from Kansai Uni have arrived at my doorstep, firstly it's like - YAAAAAAAY, niiiiice~ to WHAAAAAAAT?! NANI DESUKA?! in a matter of seconds. Literally. I feel like crying now....

Some might say: Dude, chill......

How can I chill when the amount of money you have just barely enough for you to survive...?

*sigh* Alright fine...fine...I chill....and maybe watch Dragon Ball to chill myself while watching Bardock beat up Chilled.... *silence* .........okay I stop.

Inside the package there's a bunch of papers and after 3 to 4 times rereading the whole package, I now understands the whole message.

The contents inside:
1) The lovely Certificate of Eligibility for applying visa
2) Offer letter from Kansai Uni
3) Acceptance letter of Kansai Uni International Dormitory
4) Kansai Uni Int Dorm Fee Regulations [which involve a stunning 75,000 yen upon checking in - deposit + Sept. fee + entrance fee] --> THIS is what I'm rambling about...
5) Instructions upon arriving at Kansai Int Airport
6) Orientation Schedule + list of students participating in exchange program
7) Map of campus
8) Application letter for Outside Activities (something like that...)
and lastly
9) A simple checklist for Int Students

So, when I noticed the amount of money needed for me to have, I rewrite all of my monthly budgets upon arriving up until I left Japan...which takes some time to arrange accordingly. *cough* No need for me to tell how much will I bring and the budgets, it's secret *cough*

So...yeah....I might have to do part-time job there, cuz you know....I'm not that rich. So, this is the way for me to have at least a bit of pocket money for myself, without relying too much on my dad. *Please let me work part-time...I need it.....

The next entry will be my visa-applying story plus some pics for you to see~~ (yeah, I noticed that I supposedly put pics in this entry, but I want my visa along with the CoE, so next time folks...sorry...)

See, you next time!