Saturday, 10 September 2016

Applying Student Exchange Program | FAQ (#2)

Assalamualaikum, hye once again, guys!

These 3 days of orientation really burn out my energy faster...especially on the day of arrival. Never again carry TWO BAGS WEIGHTED 20+ KG EACH. Just one is enough... *cries*

Ehem...back to topic.

So, here (today) I will be posting on how the heck that I got to go Japan, even though my major is Malay Language. Lol. I feel like a sore thumb. Malay language in Japan? Well, don't blame me, 2 years with the same faces everyday can make your head 'spinning' and always, always get left behind when your not like them. So, I take a 'break' from them just so I won't go crazy. But downside, you don't get to celebrate Raya Haji (Aidiladha) with family. But...its a good thing there's Internet! Skype! Messenger! Whatsapp! Whatever it is aside from normal text messages and calls that cost money....Thank you technology!

First and foremost...

The requirements of going exchange (I just made it by myself...haha) for IIUM students; target group Kuliyyah of Languages and Management students. Note that mine is a bit different, so you need to consult your own Academic Advisor for further details.

1) 2nd year study (Kuliyyah level) and above.
2) CGPA is 3.0 above. Its safe to assume that 3.0 is stable enough for any exchange.
3) Prepared mentally and physically, especially when you're Muslim like me. Its hard to find foods that are permissible to eat. But, you can cook on your own. Hehehe~ Just bring those rempah packets from Malaysia (or for me, Maggi...hahahaha)
4) Ready your cash. Lots of 'em. Since Malaysian economy is worrying, so need to save money early for exchange.
5) Do research about the university that you want to go exchange. Make sure that it has partnerships with your home university as it easier to deal with them about exchange. Plus the partnerships can lessen our burden by discount the academic fees, or even just pay the fees to home university! Plus, if lucky, can transfer credits from exchange university back to home university, just like mine.

How to apply:
Just go to the exchange university's (your dream university) website and look for international exchange/exchange program. There will be a downloadable link (application form) to be printed and walla~ just fill in the necessary things they ask. Prepare also documents (that they need) before submitting.

Hahahahaha...its easy, I, don't worry...

*Additional notes/tips (Preparation Stage):
1) Ready your passport before fill in the form. Renew (if already have) or apply new one because the form require your passport information. Note that the application is opened for a limited time, so be aware of the deadline.
2) Choose whether you want to go during SPRING SEMESTER or FALL SEMESTER. Please plan carefully.
3) For Malaysians, please have at least 10,000 MYR in bank before buying flight ticket. The more the better. That amount can hold for 2 to 3 months of survival. If you have a scholarship/sponsorship during your stay for exchange, then lucky you! Just make sure not to spend too much, okay?
4) Make sure your ATM card can be used overseas! Check it at your nearest bank. No money = horror...BIG horror.

So, that's all for the preparation stage. This can be use for all, just make a necessary adjustment wherever you need to. I just lay it out for you guys to know the preparation needed before you confirm your exchange. The process depends on the university's requirement, and again please refer to your Academic Advisor. I just can only give tips, tricks and preparation and help with bit of pieces here and there.

Again, if any questions, please feel free to drop yours in the comment section below. Until then, see you next time!


t-ra t-rex said...

Assalamualaikum and hello. My name is Athira, an IIUM student as well but in HS dept. Same like you, I'm really interested in studying in Japan as well. But, during the process of your application to study there, is it required to have the Japanese proficiency test certificates? If please, may you elaborate further? Thank you.

Najwa Tajudin said...

Waalaikumsalam...sorry for the long wait! :D Well, during the process I don't have to provide any test certificate, instead I have to take a free Japanese language exam online. It's called J-CAT (it really does speeled like this) and after taking the exam, I sent my result to the the university in Japan by email.

If you have any more enquires, do leave the comment and I will try to reply as soon as I can as I will be doing my FYP this semester.

Thanks for reading through my blog!