Thursday, 1 September 2016

I'm coming~! I......'m coooooomingggggggg~ | Road to Student Exchange Program to Kansai University (Part 7/Finale)

6 days left.

Until departure.

Assalamualaikum, how are you guys been doing? Sorry for the loooong absence, been busy with visa and packing my stuff (mostly)...

And as promised,
le visa~ :3   am I cute? lol...jk, jk~
The visa took 3 working days (plus the day I sent the application), but since I live far (1 hour drive along the highway + 30 mins on ferry) I sent my application on Monday, and picked up my visa on Friday. Its really easy, simple and fast. Maybe because I'm a student, that's why there weren't any inconvenienced matters. Yeay, for students!

Travelling document (passport) + flight ticket
With 9 days left, I helped myself to check-in my flight so that I won't be wasting time at the airport (more that I should)....initially I brought 1 large bag buuuuuut....there's too damn much food that I had bought another bag (not small, not medium...BUT ALSO LARGE) *sweatdrop* luckily its Merdeka sale so, the bag didn't cost much..hahahahaha~

Plus, I wave good news!
I was short-listed to get the JASSO scholarship upon studying there~~~~ yeaaaaaaaaa~~~~
its all thanks to your continuous prayers that I got this...a BIG THANK YOU to all.
p/s: I don't know when I got, but I don't mind as long as I am eligible to receive that... a huge amount of burden has been lifted

So now I just waiting for the d-day...
while surfing internet...
playing games...
'tidying' up my phone and camera (for pictures....muahahahaa)...
watching anime...


This isn't the end~

For as I will be posting more, starting the departure until the end of orientation the new part of my blog, so stay tuned in the future, okay~

Talk to you guys later!!!

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